The artist’s job is to be a witness to their time in history - Robert Rauschenberg

Fine Art Original Paintings in the UK

Peter Hill Fine Art presents the unique original paintings by accomplished artist Peter Hill. 

Peter Hill has two privately owned and run galleries that display his work, Peak District and Lake District. However, the online gallery showcases all of the available paintings and we would always recommend a visit to a gallery or book a Home Design Assessment in order to fully appreciate the texture, styles, and vibrant colours featured in the paintings which are uniquely identifiable as a Peter Hill.

Peter’s work covers a diverse range of subjects from sweeping land and cityscapes to detailed tree scenes and dramatic skies examples of which are displayed on the right. Please visit the Portfolio for more work or visit one of the Galleries and begin the journey to the Peter Hill Fine Art Experience.

Peter Hill Fine Art Prices

All the work produced by Peter Hill are one-off originals and are priced on an individual basis following an internal review with the size of the finished piece being a factor but not a deciding one.

Peter Hill Fine Art - Original paintings start at £1,500.00

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Autumn Arboretum

Peter Hill working on New York City

Wooded Shade